this glass

"Monsieur de Montille swirled the wine and watched how it moved. He held it up to the light He stuck his generous nose into the glass and inhaled the fragrance. He took a sip. He considered. A solid man with a smooth, bald pate and the shrewd look of the lawyer that he was, he threw back his head as he tasted the wine, letting it linger in his throat. From the walls of his dining room, which looked as if it had not changed in centuries, his ancestors looked indulgently down.

'There is sunlight in the glass,' he said finally, 'much sunlight. It is from a very good year.'"

(Ruth Reichl, Tender at the Bone)


Today is filled with expectation. 
This house if about to be filled. 


  1. Have a wonderful reunion with your family!


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