weekend reflections

Tastes of our weekend:

french toast and mugs of sesame + fig tea
pretzels at the pub, warm and salty, paired with ginger beer and lime.
candied pancetta, goat cheese and aged balsamic salad (again).
clementines to spare.

Scenes from our weekend:

a visit from college friends, now married.
(we stayed up later that we have in months, just like we used to).
an afternoon spent walking through a quaint nearby town.
searching for records in the basement of an antique barn.
game playing and brew drinking.
an evening spent introducing them to our favourite new place.
laughing at all the things that happened, way back when.


  1. i went to the pub and had that perfect ginger beer with lime, too!
    it was a happy birthday indeed. ; )

    1. A happy birthday, indeed. We should meet up and sip ginger beer at the pub together some time. :)

  2. I love the light on the wall. There's always something so beautiful about light!


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