note to self:

I have a to do list, flowing in and out, on constant repeat in my head, over and over.
It is spring now, and loveliness permeates the air.
I am trying  to force myself to let the list go.

Over the weekend, the high temperatures drew us outside like moths to the greatest of flames. We napped in the sunshine and now we are spotted—sunburn splotches shaped like north eastern states.

Annually, I am the most impatient when waiting for winter to turn into spring.
But then, when it finally comes, I feel suddenly content to linger: to watch the magnolias slowly bud, then blossom; to expectantly wait as the tulip bulbs shoot straight up and burst into colour. I wish I had taken Lent to heart this year. Not as much by means of fasting, but in devotion, meditation and preparation. For me, the shift from winter spring always feels like more of an Advent—a proper coming into being, an arrival.

Driving home, I added three more things to my repeating list.

By evening, I chose to throw the unfinished list away, choosing instead to sit by the open window and watch the daffodils slowly push their way through the wet, warming earth.

note to self:
Most things (tasks, seasons etc.) take four times longer than originally thought.
Though the result are nearly always worth the wait.
Plan accordingly.


  1. A note to me as well. For I always have a to do list, and I seem to have a hard time letting go.


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