Throat Therapy

Though it threatened to rain once while we were out-of-doors enjoying the music festival, the sky remained dry during our trip, and the ground with it.

As the sun shone strong and the thousands of music-lovers paraded back and forth, from stage to stage, the grass was transformed from green to yellow to brown before disappearing entirely. Only bare earth and a few lingering blades of  brown grass remained, and with the combination of hot sun, summer wind, and the swagger of dancing feet, The Woodlands was soon overtaken with dust. 

The dust brought back memories in the dry season in Uganda. How the hot winds swirled south from the Sahara and blew through Karamoja for weeks at a time, filing every crevice and building with a thin layer of fine grey sand. We caught "colds" in the dry season. That is, what Americans call a "cold" and what the Karamajong often call, aptly, a "dust." Hot or cold, a change in the weather can bring about sore throats and coughs either side of the equator. 

The dust of this weekend has left us with sore throats reminiscent of Karamoja's dusty days, so we've been drinking this organic brew by the potful. Its a special blend from a local shop in husband's hometown, full of spearmint and lemon, ginger and cloves. 

Just the right kind of therapy for our poor throats.

nota bene: sore throats may also be a result of excessive cheering, screaming and the singing of loud music as our favourite bands played live.


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