My Week in Images:

Five little things that made my week:

1. This blueberry bush...

because it is so much happier in this new corner of the yard.

2. This ring...

because it is my mothers, but I've been wearing since she left.

 3. This bowl of cherries...

because this is the plan.

4. This bottle of rose...

because of the beautiful label.

5. This butter brickle ice cream...

because, to quote my husband, it was "inexplicably delicious."

Happy Independence Day, friends!

What thing, big or small, made your week?


  1. Kate, it was cheering to have your lovely presence at my party, and that of Zack's, too. Thank you both for your thoughtful messages on my card. When I think of you two as a couple, I feel a peaceful goodness.

    1. We were so glad to join you in celebration!

  2. If you are graced with more cherries you should make this galette
    I've been looking forward to making it ever since you posted it last year and finally enjoyed it this week! Plus it comes from a cookbook which you want to do more of, right? Much love.

    1. Oh I forgot about that galette! This is an excellent plan, mon ami. Thanks for cherry inspirations. xo


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