My Week In Images:


 Five little things that made my week:

1. This publication...

because last week I found a damaged and empty  mailing envelope on my doorstep, but Fellow was kind enough to deal with the post office themselves, and send me a replacement volume.

2. These eggs...

because they were hard-boiled and added to my daily midday salad for a little extra protein.

3. This store packaging...

because it was almost too pretty to open (almost).

4. This evening out with friends...

because it was just like old times (and sometimes its alright to let your iphone do the photo-taking).

5. This heirloom tomato tart...

because I wouldn't say it was a total success, but it was still tasty. Also, there's nothing quite like the summer satisfaction of cooking with herbs from your own garden. 

Whats something that made your week?

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