“In all our lives, there are days that we wish we could see expunged from the record of our very existence. Perhaps we long for that erasure because a particular day brought us such splintering sorrow that we can scarcely bear to think of it ever again. Or we might wish to blot out an episode forever because we behaved so poorly on that day - we were mortifyingly selfish, or foolish to an extraordinary degree. Or perhaps we injured another person and wish to disremember the guilt. Tragically, there are some days in a lifetime when all three of those things happen at once - when we are heartbroken and foolish and unforgivably injurious to others, all at the same time.” 

― Elizabeth GilbertThe Signature of All Things


Two things:

1. Sincerity is not a gift but a duty. It is easy to misunderstand, and believe that the end is the main thing. Why must we, really, be so particular about the means to that end? But it is not right to think this way. To gain the end by means of insincerity is an impatient and unholy act.

2. Mercy triumphs over judgement. Always. 


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