weekend reflections

Tastes of our weekend:

cranberry scones, handmade by a friend.
iced lattes and almond-nutmeg biscotti, fresh from the bakery oven.
white wine sangria and pizza in the city:
pesto, caramelized tomatoes, salami, arugula and extra parmeggiano.

Scenes from our weekend:

in Pittsburgh for a work event,
we managed to snag a late Friday night out with friends at the brewery they love.
a wandering morning around Pittsburgh's strip district, 
inhaling the heady scents of summer fruit, flowers and cannoli sweating in the hot July sun.
taking clients to a concert (wives got to tag along).
admitting that this kind of country music can make for an enjoyable show.
coming home to a wilderness of tomato plants in our garden; they grew by leaps in the night.


  1. I need ;your recipe for apple crisp!Guests coming and I am starving.

    1. Will send you an email, pronto!


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