a few good things:

"I was, one might say, not so much anticipating the future as nostalgic for it, since what in my imaginings was to come was in reality already gone." 

(John Banville)


I love how homes can be like people: constantly changing. I asked a friend for a paint chip, the color that her dining room used to be, so that I could change the color of the dining room in my own home. Maria painted it while I was at work today. And when I arrived home the room was fresh and bright. Turns out, this house needed as much of a pick me up, as I did. 
A few other good things: 
beginning Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar. 
these experimentation with local blooms.
this blog, written by my very own sister.
discovering new music via pandora.
drinking something like this. because its a lovely way to use up bruised market peaches.

photo on film. Nags Head, NC, 2008


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