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Built in 1936, our garage is small and narrow. It is too narrow, in fact, to fit your average-sized modern automobile. Instead of housing  our cars, our garage serves two purposes: it is our back door entrance and store-anything-toolshed. When we first moved in, the garage contained a few neat shelves filled with Zack's tools and a few gardening supplies for our newly acquired bit of yard. Today, the clutter is a bit overwhelming, and yesterday, as I shoved aside clay pots and half-empty bags of grass seed searching for the twine I needed to tie up our flopping tomato plants, I grew increasingly exasperated with the state of the entire space. I am not an avid gardener, by any means, but I would certainly be more willing to devote myself to the earth if I had an appropriately neat space in which to keep my tools. This canvas bag from Crate and Barrel, this foraged garden fork, this neat tin o' twine and these steel garden hooks would be an excellent place to start, I think. Wouldn't you agree?

Toolshed | Crate & Barrel
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