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We've been taking advantage of these past few snowfalls to hunker down, cuppa tea in hand, and focus on our adventure planning. We'll be gone for four weeks, and between bouts of looking up museum prices and recommended train tickets, I've also been scouring pinterest packing lists, wondering how I will manage to fit four weeks of everything into this pack. 

And so our planning goes: We'll begin in Switzerland. Stopping, here and sledging here
Followed by a week in Paris, via Lyon, where the challenge will be to pick and choose what we must see vs. what we do not have time to explore. Then two days in Bruge, with a reservation here (because our souvenir to ourselves is one fancy dinner out). We shall leisurely make our way to Amsterdam, before taking a ferry to the Scotland, where our last week shall be spent making our way from Edinburgh to Glasgow. The last quarter of the adventure is the least planned, but I think there is also great excitement in being a bit spontaneous toward the end.

I say this not to boast about upcoming plans, but to wish you all equally delightful snow days, wherever you may be. And if you have any traveling suggestions, be they places to visit or tips for packing, please send your wisdom my way. xo


  1. Ahhh, how exciting that all your plans are coming together so nicely. I doubt I could manage to fit four weeks of clothing into the bag, so good luck! Don't forget tissue paper when rolling to prevent wrinkles, especially for your lovely dinner!

    1. I know! It's going to be so tough! I can't decide if winter makes it easier (because everything will be covered by by coat anyway making variety less important) or more difficult (because everything is bulkier and harder to pack). Alas. Good thinking on the tissue paper though; I will make a mental note. xo

  2. Oh, Kate! How exciting! Sarah and I had a wonderful time in Lucerne when we were in Switzerland. I'm no packing expert, but this dress travels nicely and doesn't take up much space. Sadly, the black is out of stock right now. Happy adventuring!


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