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I am investing in a sort of radical intentionality this month.
Which is really what this blog is all about: cultivating intentional observations of daily life. 

So for the month of February, expect a new pattern. One photo a day with a description of thirty words or less. Its a habit that was started by these ladies, here; habits I have long admired for their simple grace and  truthful candor. This is a twenty-eight day personal exercise, a first step in gracefully extricating myself from the slough of passivity that is so easy to fall into. 

January has been good in so many ways, opening my eyes to new truths and bringing to light new challenges and mixed blessings. I feel as if, after keeping low to the ground for so long, someone has come and grasped my arm, pulling me upright swiftly, surely. There is the shock that comes with such sudden clarity, the altitude of which I am still learning to adjust to. The very physical sensation that things are just beginning. That is, if you are brave enough to try.

I am going to try to be a better writer.Which is not to say that I will become one, but I am going to try. And trying means that I am going to cut  back from this space. Not altogether. But I won't hold myself quite as rigidly to a set schedule. This schedule of Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, has been a good exercise for me, but, after February, I need to take my pen offline for a bit. Because this is one of my secret New Year's goals: to become a writer. Or, to put is more accurately, to not be  so afraid of trying. Because the fear of failure has kept me from trying so many things in my life, and its time to stop letting it rule me. 

If you would like to stay in touch with these, at first more frequent, and then, less frequent postings, follow via the email link in the side bar, or follow here (which is how I follow so many blogs, myself). In the meantime, enjoy these strung lights  all ablaze with hot July sunshine and a sky of green leaves. Winter won't last forever, friends. xo

(Photo taken on film, July 2013)


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