that sweet nowhere

 "But thinking of her life was another thing.  Lying there in that room in that house in that quiet town she could choose what her life had been.  The others were there.  The world was there, evening and morning.  No matter what anybody thought, no matter if she only tagged after them because they let her.  That sweet nowhere.  If the world had a soul, that was it. All of them wandering through it, never knowing anything different or wanting anything more." 

- M. Robinson, Lila.


Last night we opened a bottle of pinot grigio and packed four weeks worth of everything into two large backpacks. We played Jose Gonzalez's latest album, and almost lost our passports in the shuffle of so many odd piles. Getting to plan this little adventure abroad with my very best friend brings me such deep and profound joy. I am grateful for it.

Its lovely to imagine that, by the time we return, the world will be green again.
Until then, friends. xo

photos taken on film, June 2014


  1. Have a wonderful time! I cannot wait to see/hear all about your trip. xoxo


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