Switzerland Pt. 1

In Tinker Creek, Dillard writes about how exploring and observing is her "leisure as well as her work." She says that it is a "fierce game she has joined because it is being played anyway." 

We have been exploring for four weeks now, and coming home requires a certain amount awkwardness. Like gears that have shifted slightly out of their grooves, we are familiar with this life, but in returning to it we feel rusty and slightly out of sync.

The fierceness with which we pursued travel, something we love,  is suddenly gone, and so we quietly unpack. We smile when we discover rocks and dirt, bent metro tickets and chocolate wrappers within the bundles of laundry (for there is so much laundry to do). And we turn to pictures. Sifting through the images in an attempt to re-live and hold onto that little adventure, now past, we think, "Damn, if that trip wasn't grand."

Our first week in Switzerland began with lakes and ended with mountains.

I find myself turning to the computer in between loads of laundry, ignoring the stack of mail that has accumulated on the counter (and feeling ever so grateful for the friend who dropped off quiche and a few groceries to help us feel more settled), just to flip through pictures over and over. 

I'm still sorting through photos. But here are few snapshots of our time in Lucerne and Interlaken, just to wet your whistle. Our time in both places was brief and not entirely eventful. But they were beautiful and we drank enough coffee to make us reconsider our entire way of living (why don't we always take mid-afternoon coffee breaks every day for an hour or so?) More photos to come. Of course. xo

More photos of our time in Europe, here.


  1. So glad you are home safely, dear friend! I look forward to these posts immensely! Already your trip seems like a dream. xoxo


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