Switzerland Pt. 2

I have started one hundred sentences in my mind telling you what I have seen and felt and tasted in Switzerland. Nothing is doing the experience justice. The Alps drew us onward and upward, first by train, then by gondola, then, finally, by foot.  It occurs to me that the days we ascended the mountains through snow were some of our happiest on the trip.

We hiked with what we had - no special gear - and though our boots were sturdy and water-proof, we were wearing jeans, and the skiers shooting past us on the slopes gave us second looks,  as if, to them, we appeared to have been dropped, unprepared,  on the top of a mountain, uncertain of where we were or how to hike down. An impression that would have been, more or less, accurate. When we left the village of Lauterbrunnen early in the morning, we had planned to hike along the base of the mountains, from one village to another.

Perhaps it was the altitude or the clear alpine air, but we hoped on a ski lift the first chance we could and ended up on top of a mountain, out of breath and in awe. The views were entirely worth it, as you can see. 

A side note:

Should you be planning your own trip to Switzerland, and expect to visit more than one city, the purchase of this Swiss Rail pass is one thousand times worth it. 

More photos of our time in Europe, here.


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