Scotland Pt. 2

When we booked our tickets last September, our choices to fly in to Zürich and out of Glasgow seemed, even to us, a tad random. It perhaps would have made more sense to continue on the continent from Amsterdam, stopping in Copenhagen on our way to Oslo, or looping back south through Germany. But however untoward our plan seemed, we knew that we wanted to visit Scotland, and our only regret was not being able to visit all those other cities in addition to our week in the UK.

Three days on the Isle of Skye was just the way to ease out of our adventure.

After so many days spent city-hopping and museum-rushing, we settled in the heart of the Cuillan for our last few days abroad, and thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Sligachan Hotel. There were large leather armchairs in front of a wood fire, and after a day spent hiking, we settled in with our books, sipping whiskey as the fire crackled and the unpredictable weather  hailed or rained or shone outside.

The roads on the Isle of Skye were empty and narrow, and we followed the winding road to explore, stopping every so often to watch sheep, snap photos of the mountains reflecting off still water, or simply breathe in the salty sea air. It was one of the most memorable places we stayed on our trip, and it left us with a sense of graceas if we had been given a great privilege to witness the ever changing colors of the hills.

 More photos of our time in Europe, here.


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