cups + saucers

"The tea ritual: such precise repetition of the same gestures and the same tastes; accession to simple, authentic and refined sensations, a license given to all, at little cost, to become aristocrats of taste, because tea is the beverage of the wealthy and of the poor; the tea ritual, therefore, has the extraordinary virtue of introducing into the absurdity of our lives an aperture of serene harmony. Yes, the world may aspire to vacuousness, lost souls mourn beauty, insignificance surrounds us. Then let us drink a cup of tea. Silence descends, one hears the wind outside, autumn leaves rustle and take flight, the cat sleeps in a warm poor of light. And, with each swallow, time is sublimed."

(Muriel Barbery, The Elegance of the Hedgehog)


This past month, I've been collecting teacups for a bridal tea party that a few lovely girls and I are hosting for a dear friend in August. Its been terribly fun rummaging through thrift stores and antique barns; digging though sets of chipped china and layers of dust in search of delicate cups and saucers. Treasure hunting at its finest. 


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