weekend reflections

Tastes of our weekend:

crimson berry iced tea laced with mango-infused honey (soo good).
toasted bagels laden with garden- heavy cream cheese
white wine sangria and lemon meringue pie
steaks (cooked just right) , roasted asparagus and herby potatoes.

Scenes from our weekend:

fourth of July in husband's home town with dear friends
(we managed  to squeeze six adults into a single car for the five-hour drive north).
a wandering morning around Saratoga Springs (lattes in hand).
packing a picnic for Dave Matthews Band in the evening, and being nearly trampled by fans.
picking blueberries in the rain the next day (we found frogs too).
admitting that a rainy holiday can be still be just the ticket when filled with such bouts of laughter
(we haven't laughed so hard in a very long time).

past weekend reflections here.


  1. It all sounds so wonderful- especially the food and drinks! Glad you had such a wonderful weekend and concert!


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