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This is a bit of a plug for a friend. But it's a whole-hearted plug, if you will.

When Sarah and Rian first mentioned that they were dabbling in crafting elegant pieces from reclaimed pallet wood, I was intrigued. When I saw the photos of these lovely, polished pour-over stands, I was incredibly impressed. Zack and I are not coffee nerds, by any means, but we're getting there. And when our trusty french press eventually fails us, we'll be switching to pour-overs. And our first purchase? One of these hand-crafted pour-over bars. No doubt.

Pour Over Station | Reforming Function
*Note: This series is simply my way of appreciating carefully crafted things that are nt a part of my everyday life. No posts are sponsored. No photographs are mine. No products tried. And the views expressed entirely my own. 


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