My Week in Images:

Five little things that made my week:

because its been filled with posies ever since it unexpectedly arrived on my doorstep. 

2. This bubble wrap...

because it was tucked into a little parcel sent to a lovely friend on this, the week before her wedding.

3. This mini bottle of Dr. Bronners...

because on a camping trip this past weekend, this soap helped to keep everyone smelling like peppermint.

4. These sunflowers...

(even though I didn't have a chance to photograph them till after they had drooped).

5. These novels...

because The Grapes of Wrath is taking me an age to finish (some books are just like that), so I'm letting myself read others things in between sections and chapters.

Also, this song has been on repeat in my head all week.

Whats a little something that made your week?


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