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Most of us have a love/hate relationship with February. It’s the shortest month of the year, and yet it can feel so very fierce. When we’re not curled up beneath blankets for warmth, or forced indoors by inclement weather, February consistently seems to find us brainstorming new ways to kick the winter blues.

A few tricks I’ve found? Treat yourself a new book. Light a scented candle. Or, if you lingered around these parts this time last year, you'll remember this habit: a photo a day with a description of thirty words or less. This collection of days all about capturing bits of life and intentionally celebrating them, especially when seeking out joy takes an extra bit of elbow grease and hard work (I'm looking at you, February).  

So follow along with me, here, if you like. Or on Instagram, if that's more your speed. Better yet, share your own February photos with the hashtag #acollectionofdays. And until then, enjoy a snapshot from wintry Grindelwald, Switzerland - just spectacular high altitudes and beautiful damp air. xo.

PS. Photos from last year's Habit, right this way. 


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