rocky mountain view

"In the months that followed, the world and nature and weather did what they did regardless of human suffering or bewilderment or grief.  There was day and night and day and night and the light fell away earlier and the frost came and then an early blizzard blew in and the cattle in the pastures turned their rumps against the wind and snow."

-David Bergen (Leaving Tomorrow)


An unexpected phone call urged us to fly to Colorado over the weekend, suddenly and without much of a plan. By the time we arrived, his grandfather was no longer critical, and the visit became a much happier one than we'd expected. In between hospital visits, we took a drive to Rocky Mountain National Park and snapped snow-capped photos with our iPhones (bulky cameras not making the frantic packing list as we hurried to catch our flight Saturday night). The wind was fierce up in the mountains, though the sun was bright, and we dashed in and out of the rental car, soaking up the expansive view, before hurriedly returning to the warmth inside.


  1. How gorgeous. So glad the trip was happier than expected.


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